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Jewelry had always been symbols of wealth, power and love right from the ancient times immemorial. Dig through any ancient remains and you shall find one form of adornment or the other! The immaculate beauty, purity, value and rarity associated with them makes them the   most desired and adored objects in the world. Indian jewelry industry is said to have an ancient and historical tradition of over 5,000 years with its own distinct designs, patterns and art forms.
In India, jewelry is not just about adornment, but is an investment as well. Gold, Silver, Diamonds and Semi-precious Stones have been looked upon as investments for future.
  But, in today’s context, jewelry has assumed newer definitions and significance. The investment value associated with Gold, Silver, Diamonds and Semi-precious Stones is slowly fading away, partially because of the rising prices also. Today, lesser expensive jewelry, but with more variety in terms of looks, design, materials, functionality, is preferred over the bulky, heavy designs. This calls for the creation of newer experiments and constant innovations in jewelry- mindset, materials, technologies, methods, et al. Consequently, Jewelry Design as a career option offers limitless career opportunities for many and is surely a lucrative one.
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